*Screenshots are for the iOS version of the software


Do you have friends that consume one too many and post embarrassing things on their social networking profiles? Are YOU that friend? If you, or anyone you know, has ever woken up the next morning thinking "what did I say?" then this app is the solution.

The app gives you access to Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Once you lock the app you'll be asked to perform a simple test of your motor skills. From then on, to access the social networking sites you'll repeat the test. If you do not perform within a selectable allowance you will not be allowed to access the site.

For best results, of course, the official apps for these sites should be removed from your phone to limit your ability to bypass the sobriety check.


You can purchase this software by searching for 'Social Interlock' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


- 3 social networking sites.

- Capable sobriety test.