King Drinker is a drinking party game. As with any game in which alcohol is involved, safety should always come first. But if everyone is responsible, King Drinker can be a blast! The game has you perform a simple test while you are sober; you simply tap the dot on the screen each time it turns green. You will be judged on timing, proximity to the dot, and accuracy in determining its color. After the initial test everyone starts drinking and recording their drinks in the program. The program keeps a running tab on each players blood alcohol content and every few drinks has the players retest. The player with the highest BAC is used as the curve that other players points are graded on. This allows the players to see which of them is performing best in relation to their blood alcohol content.

King Drinker's blood alcohol calculator works in real time. This is vastly different from many other BAC calculators on the app store and all of the calculators online. Imagine you have one beer at 4 o'clock, and don't drink again until 6 o'clock. That hour, you have five beers. In actuality, you've had 5 beers in one hour, but most simple BAC calculators will average those 6 drinks out over the three hours span. There is a big difference between 2 beers an hour and 5. King Drinker removes those worries by adding each drink to the equation as you finish drinking it.

The app can also be used as a standalone BAC calculator.


You can purchase this software by searching for 'King Drinker' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


- Up to 8 players.

- Works as a standalone BAC calculator.