There are other practice trees out there, but you aren't some armchair drag racer, you are a Saturday night warrior, seasoned by the smell of high octane and the feel of your car powering down the track. You need a practice tree app that boasts the features of dedicated hardware trees costing up to a hundred times more. Finally, there's an app for you. Finally, our hit practice tree app for the iPhone comes to the iPad, with all new features.

In addition to the iPad specific two player mode, race against a computer opponent mode, and shift light practice, Drag Tree HD includes all of the advanced features of the iPhone version that help you actually improve your times, not just amuse yourself between commercials while you watch other people living YOUR dream.


You can purchase this software by searching for 'Drag Tree HD' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


- Four tree types including Full 0.500, Pro 0.400, Full 0.400, and Pro .500.

- Play against a human opponent, your average time, or a set time.

- Practice shift light reaction times for up to four shift points.

- Fully adjustable delay box featuring adjustable bump down and bump up controls for post release fine tuning.

- The delay box features both cross over launching and cross talk style trees.

- Perfect RT is adjustable from .400/.500 to .000.

- Controls are adjustable to launch on release of the button or the press of the button.

- Control the tree using right handed or left handed orientation.

- Choose the lane that you start from.

- Blocking feature to block out the first two amber lights in a full tree.

Statistics are automatically saved after each run to allow you to keep better track of your performance. A total of six statistics are tracked. These include:

Number of Runs
Average RT
Quickest RT
Best RT
Worse RT
Redlight %
Average Shift
Best Shift
Worst Shift