*Screenshots are for the iOS version of the software


Brain Shaper combines binaural beats and flashing light patterns to help you guide your mind into the desired state of consciousness. It functions similarly to the goggle based devices that retail for much more.

Binaural beats have been used for decades to take the mind into the lower frequencies associated with rest, meditation, or sleep and into the higher frequencies that help to awaken and invigorate the mind. Brain Shaper combines that with flashing light patterns that match the beats, and recent research on how various colors of light affect the circadian rhythms of the body.

WARNING: Brain Shaper creates a strobe light effect, people with photosensitive epilepsy should not use this program, as it may cause seizures.


You can purchase this software by searching for 'Brain Shaper' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


The app is programmed with the following 11 brainwave entrainment sessions:

- Active Concentration
- Complete Meditation
- Deep Sleep
- Deep Thought Meditation
- Dream Sleep
- Morning Wake
- Quick Meditation
- Relaxed to Deep Thought
- Relaxed to Complete Meditation
- Tired to Deep Sleep
- Tired to Dream Sleep