*Screenshots are for the iOS version of the software


Booze Runner is Imperial Penguin's take on the classic 80s games in the vein of Dope Wars or Taipan. In this version of the game you live in a world where alcohol prohibition never ended and make your living selling booze on the black market. You'll have to deal with cops and crooks alike as you try to trade your way into the rich life.

Booze Runner has many features that lower priced games of this type do not. The 'Prices' tab not only gives the going price range for a given drink, but tells you how much you have paid per item for the drinks in your inventory. This helps you get started quicker, by knowing right away what is a good deal and what isn't. It also helps you determine your profit margins, and whether or not you should sell

Booze Runner also features a much more rich graphical interface than many of its competitors. Their simple, two or three screen interfaces simply cannot compete with the experience of Booze Runner's interface. The navigation point is a city, viewed from the top down, not a text menu. You see the guns in the gun shop, not just read about them. You'll stand at the counter of the bank, and the desk in your office. In games of this kind, the trading keeps you interested, but a little variety to spice things up certainly never hurts!


You can purchase this software by searching for 'Booze Runner' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


- 20 cities in 4 states.

- 11 types of alcoholic beverages to trade.

- 5 types of weapons.

- Great graphics and sound effects.

- Easy to navigate interface.