*Screenshots are for the iOS version of the software


"This app was created for one of my best friends, a two and a half year old boy named Devin. He really enjoys similar apps, and I enjoy watching him have fun and play with the animals. I wanted an app that was even more interactive for him than some of the others that he has enjoyed using." - John Garrison, Imperial Penguin founder.

Animal Faces is a fun app for children just learning the names of various animals and the body parts on their face. Each time a new animal is displayed, it's name is spoken aloud. As they child presses the various body parts, the name of that part will also be spoken aloud.

Even if your child already knows the names of the animals and the parts of their face, they will enjoy interacting with the phone and having it talk to them. Devin loves to talk back to the animals and to pretend to pet them.

The app could also be useful for learners of English as a second language, who want to hear the proper pronunciation of the words in a clear and easy to understand voice.


You can purchase this software by searching for 'Animal Faces' on the relavent software store on your mobile device, or you can click the appropriate link below.


- 20 different animals.

- Pleasant voice speaks the names of the body parts.

- Easy navigation for children.

- Names of animals displayed and spoken to help with reading skills.